Challenges of Convergent Journalism

In comparing my favourite and least favourite projects, I’ve discovered how much I enjoy the simplicity of a design, even if it’s overcomplicated counterpart is better. In determining how each piece uses a mixture of mediums including audio, visual and text, I’ve learnt that there is a fine line between what constitutes as too much and what constitutes as not enough.

The Guardian’s ‘Firestorm’ was my favourite project as it maintained my attention from the beginning. Although in some instances there was too much text, and I skimmed over it, the use of both audio, visual and writing combined to create a fantastic survival story.

The New York Time’s project, ‘Tomato Can Blues’ was my least favourite, despite it’s quirky comic images. This project read more like a blog than an article of journalism. With its limited interactive capabilities, this project really didn’t epitomise the meaning of convergent journalism and combining multiple media platforms.


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