Dat 6 Sec Loop, Yo

Known as ‘The Amen Break’, It was and arguably still is the most important 6 second loop in all of history.The beginning of remix culture some might say. According to an author of the Economist,

“Amen also has certain sonic qualities that set it aside from its rivals. Rather than keeping time with a hi-hat, Coleman uses the loose sound of the ride cymbal, filling out the aural space. And the recording has a “crunch” to it, says Tom Skinner, a London-based session drummer: “That quality is appealing to beatmakers.”

Whats interesting about this is that this 6 second loop has been remixed so much, I guarantee it is familiar to even the most musically-lacking people. Adapting over time, as you can tell below, this loop has become iconic in the eyes of DJ’s throughout the world.

Similarly to Axis of Awesome, which shows the same three cords used continuously throughout the majority of pop songs- as you can tell below, it seems that as an audience we seek out familiarity.

As our access to technology continues to increase, the idea of produsage becomes all the more popularised. This refers to the idea of producer and user combining to create something new- a remix. One example of this is the meme I created for this week. I have used an already created image, and created something new with it. I have become the produser.

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 6.13.10 pm


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