Digital Fashion

As technology increases so too do our opportunities to expand and develop the artistic world. No longer is art (as in physical art such as painting, drawing, crafting etc) limited to the physical world. Art now has the ability to be digital and have a digital presence- ie 3d printing.

But there’s something exciting coming to the idea of digital craft, and that’s digital fashion:

Here’s the description: “Accenture and interactive fashion house CuteCircuit have launched a Proof of Concept that allows users to control the design of specially made fashion garments via an application on their mobile device. With built-in location, social, and analytics capabilities, the technology-enhanced clothing could provide retailers with an opportunity for ongoing customer engagement and marketing beyond the point of sale”.

How cool is that! So basically you can program your garment of clothing to look exactly the way you like. No more trying to pick out the perfect fabric to match those boots, now you can pre-program your garment to be exactly what you want. Wowser!



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