Technology to Blame!

How gadgets are developing our society is quite the interesting question in terms of technological convergence, permissions and media transference. It is the ever-growing ubiquitous connectivity, whereby the trajectory of technological convergence is on an steep incline.

Technological convergence is the big one here, where technology is no longer limited to a single medium. For instance, your smartphone can be a camera, a voice recorder, a internet browser and also a portable phone.

However, despite making our lives easier, technological convergence and advances in technology have made us complacent- therefore loosing some vital skills. According to journalist, Thorin Klosowki “It’s easy to cry wolf and lament for a time that used to be. People argue that before technology ruled our lives, we were happier, smarter, and better at general living. That utopian vision of the past is a bit too rose tinted, but the point remains that we’ve lost some basic human skills over the years”

In particular our skills in navigation, memorisation and communicating with strangers have all been lost at the cost of technology. So in essence, despite obviously making our lives easier, is technology making us lazy or useless?

According to blogger, Loud and Jaded, it is.


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