The Introduction to end all Introductions…

Whoever thought it was a good idea to change your BCM major, 3 years in is stupid. Oh wait. Here’s the details: third year BCM (previous marketing major), now Digi com major/Journalism student. 21 years old and with the motivation of someone with only 6 months to live. You might also like to know that i’m your girl if you’re interested in contributing anything from articles to illustrations to photography to The Tertangala- UOW’s student mag. This year is sure to be a game changer in terms of experience and job prospects as diving head first is what i’m all about. Fingers crossed 0 burn outs will occur!


“That Chick”


Here’s a fun fact, my name is an acronym for my name. Incase you didn’t get that, my “nickname”, Gem, is an acronym for my name: Gemma Elise Mollenhauer. How was that as an icebreaker? You should also give me credit for putting my full name out there for all those Facebook stalkers.

I’m your stock standard writer. In love with words and believe text talk should burn in the fiery pits of hell. Originally hailing as a creative writing/psych student, however soon realising that getting paid for writing factual stories is much more appropriate in sufficing my lust for travel, I transferred to the totally unique degree of Media/Communications (Marketing & Advertising) & Journalism.

I suppose you could I was raised with the lust for travel cursing through my veins. To date i’ve lived in 8 different places, in two different states and three different countries. However, most awkwardly spent the most time growing up in the rural and ‘sheltered’ town of Wagga Wagga. Known for the highest pregnancy rate in NSW 2003, it was a town you needed protection from. Ha, see what I did there? Fast forwarding a few years, I now call Wollongong  my home try to limit my visits back to Wagga.

During the week I’m a respectable second year student/writer for BULLSH!T, Hijacked and the UOW student magazine, The Tertangala. (Hint: now’s the time you run down to the uni and grab yourself a free copy). By the weekend I transform into a nocturnal, underpaid waitress at a nearby function centre.

You can usually find me with a hot coffee in one hand and bike helmet in the other. Yeah, I’m that chick.