Behind The Title

First introduced by French Philosopher Jean-François Lyotard (1925-1998), ‘The Grand Narrative’ is a Postmodern literary theory based on the idea that human beings, as storytelling creatures, create our own reality on the basis of objective assumptions. For example, if I were to throw an apple in the air, there is an objective assumption that the apple will return to the ground, ergo: gravity.

We reframe events that occur to fit into our objective reality, connecting the past to the present via a single meta-narrative. To put it simply: history repeating itself.

As assumptions about congregational events are objective, the subjective opinion is subverted and eventually lost all together. Essentially, the concept of the ‘grand narrative’ is non linear, it sees that there is an interconnection between all events, whether it be the past, present or future, everything is connected.

In the ever changing society of today, staying connected is becoming more and more important to the individual. Therefore, in creating this blog, I wanted to connect people to various news articles, reviews, personal thoughts and my take on the modern world.