Audio Reflection: DROWNED

In reflecting on Alice Matthews emotional history task DROWNED I am bombarded with a variation in emotions. The story itself is very evocative in leaving the reader with a strong sense of sadness and gratitude in the life we possess. The use of ambient sound was appropriate to the clip, and sought to contribute to the overall story. Although the use of music was, at times appropriate, it took away from the storyline and the spoken words. Perhaps if the music was turned down or muted at some points, it would’ve been more appropriate. The overall rhythm of the story was not very well flowing at all, and the character development, sometimes disjointed. Overall, the story transitioned from sad to happy, and incorporated some good personal touches, such as the chant.


I’ve got a confession… I love you BCM!

After transferring mid semester to BCM from Creative Arts I could not be happier, more at home and in love with BCM. I have learnt so much about myself and my capabilities with regards to writing, comprehension and future goals. Aside from this, I have learnt so much about International Communication, globalisation, media capitals, transference of media, urbanisation, climate change, etc, as well as how journalists cover these events and also how detailed and complex the ideas behind international communication are. And can I say, although I may have dozed off once or twice in lectures, I’ve loved every tutorial, every presentation and every blog post I’ve done and read.

Learning about Globalisation and urbanisation reinforced how culturally connected and disconnected we are. However as the lines between how accessible media flow between nations continues to blur, it becomes more and more obvious that the definitions of culture are changing and one nation cannot have specific claim to one particular culture. Being from a particular nation or state doesn’t infer that you have any particular connections to this either. For example, I have German heritage, but neither know the language, the culture or anything do.

In saying this, it is incredibly important to maintain a certain level of culture within a particular nation or state as well as keep an open mind to differences and acceptances.  I have enjoyed learning and reading other’s blogs, and hope to continue to do so in the future. Happy blogging!